Having problems with your gerberas and you want to consult with us? please send us photographs and inform us all you know about the growing conditions.

For us to focus on the problem, please answer the following questionnaire as well:

  1. Did you grow gerberas before?
    If yes, how was the growth quality?  Do you grow now the gerberas in the same soil in the same greenhouse?
  2. What is your soil quality: Type, density, drainage, aeration?
    Do you grow the gerberas on raised soil-beds? Specify the size of the bed, is it for one row-plant, or for two rows. How the rows are located on the beds.
  3. What is your water quality – What is the EC, the pH, the Chlorides and the nitrates content of your water?
  4. Irrigation
    • Are you using dripping systems?
      If yes, what is the dripping volume of the drippers (liters/hour)?
    • What is the distance between the drippers?
    • How often you irrigate? 
      Let us know the total amount of water per irrigation, per plant, or per meter (liters)?
      What is the duration of a regular irrigation (in minutes)?
    • How many plants you have per meter greenhouse?
    • Do you wash the soil-beds from time to time, during the growing period?
  5. Feeding
    Let us know your feeding formula N P K and Ca (grams per cubic meter) including the microelements.
    • Do you ‘acidify’ your fertigation water?  (Which acid are you using?)
    • What is the EC, the pH, and the Nitrates content of the feeding solution at the irrigation lines?
    • Is your feeding procedure a continuous-fertigation or you feed the plants in    different way?
    • Do you measure the EC, the pH and the Nitrates in the soil solution at the roots’ zone?
  6. Let us know the names of the gerbera varieties you grow.
  7. How long after planting you realized that there are growing problems?
  8. Do you have any idea or any explanation about the situation with your gerberas?