Our Gerberas' Characteristics

The intensive breeding program undertaken by Dr. Shoub during these 40 years has resulted in the following achievements:

  • The Flower
    All types of marketing Gerbera flowers, standards, minis and spiders in a variety of colors.
  • The Stem
    Tall (65 – 75cm), strong standing stem, resists extreme changes in temperature, humidity and light conditions in the greenhouse, during long shipments, in the shop and in the purchaser's home.
  • Productivity
    Very high continuous yields of flowers in all seasons, Winter and Summer

  • The Plant
    Plant of medium size with sparse foliage showing stable vegetative growth, properties encouraging efficient penetration of light and air for the entire plant and consequent improvement in flower production.
  • Optimal Sanitary Conditions
    In order to ensure the best possible sanitary conditions both inside and around the plants, Dr. Shoub's varieties have been selected with "open" foliage and small-to-medium size leaves.
  • Resistance
    Highly resistant to common diseases, and almost totally genetically resistant to Bothrytis. Resistant to Low Temperatures at winter nights in Mediterranean and in Sub tropical countries.

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