Company Profile

Gerbera Breeding LTD. located in Israel's heart of Gerbera flower production for export for the European & US markets. The growing conditions of this area are those typical of the Mediterranean climate.
The temperatures, humidity, radiation, day length, soils, water quality and diseases differ highly from Holland’s climate conditions where most of the new Gerbera varieties are bred and produced.

The characteristics of the Gerbera varieties bred by Dr. Yoseph Shoub of Gerbera Breeding (LTD) Israel, which are the result of more than 40 years of experience in growing, research, teaching, instruction, consulting, and of course breeding and selection, make them especially suitable for growth as cut flowers around the world, and especially in the so called "Subtropical climate" and "Mediterranean Climate". These climatic zones pass  through Israel, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Colombia, California, Japan, South Africa and Australia. Although the varieties are best suited to these conditions, they do very well in other climates as well.

Dr. Yoseph Shoub, Gerbera Breeder


Practicing Gerbera: growing, experimenting, breeding, consulting, lecturing.


Breeding of gerbera varieties, protected by PBR law. Marketed worldwide by Selecta Cut Flowers S.A.U.


Agricultural School 'Mikve Israel', Israel.


BSc. - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture. Rehovot, Israel.


MSc. - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture, Israel.

Thesis: The Morphology and the Physiology of Iris var. Wedgwood, under Israeli growing conditions.


PhD. - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture, Israel.

Thesis: The Physiology of Flowering of Ornithogalum arabicum L.


Lecturer in Floriculture, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture, Israel.


Editing the Section - Flower Bulbs and Corms. Encyclopedia of Agriculture Volume II, Hebrew Israel.


Sabbatical leave, Michigan State University, Faculty of Horticulture.

Research: Tulips - Developmental morphology. Hyacinthus - Stem distortion.


Alex Laurie Award, the American Society for Horticultural Science.

For the paper: "Growth and Development of the Shoot, Roots and the Central bulblet of Tulipa gesneriana L., cv. Paul Richter during Standard Forcing."


Editor of the Quarterly 'Greenhouses and Flowers', Publication of the 'Israeli flowers' Growers Association'. (Hebrew)


'Agritech - 1986 Award', the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture, for Stimulating the Israeli Gerbera Culture.


Advice as A volunteer to HUNAN + HAINAN CHINA Via "Matat Knowledge from Israel" Mission to CHINA Shandong-Yantai Association for International Exchange of Personnel.


Breeding & Selecting Lilies for 'Saban Nurseries', Israel.


Commendation awarded by The Professional-Committee of the Israeli Gerbera Growers, for many years of valuable contribution.

Invited Lectures

  • 18th International Horticultural Congress, 1970 Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • VII Simposio De la Floricultura, Nutricion Y Sustratos, 2004 Rionegro, Colombia.
  • 2nd International Horti-Expo, Hitech-Farming Seminar, 2012 Kannur, Kerala, India.
  • "Crop Production Under Saline Stress" 2015 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


  • Gerbera culture and 'Autoagronom' A Proven Concept.
  • In: Israel, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa rica, México, Venezuela, France, Italia, Tenerife, Kenia, South-África, China, India, California USA.

Applied research publications

  • 'Greenhouses & flowers', 'Flowers-World': The Israeli Flowers growers Association. 1966 - 2010
  • 'International Water and Irrigation Review'. 1996 - 2016
  • 'Floral News' - A Digital-magazine of Selecta-one. 2013 - 2016

Research Subjects

  • Physiology and Morphology of Flower-Bulbs and Gerbera
  • Gerbera production and Breeding
  • 'Autoagronom' Applied Concept adjusted for controlling agricultural crops
  • Forestry and Gardening ornamentals
  • Creating Hydroponic Conditions in Solid Media
  • Salinity caused by Conventional drip-Irrigations
  • Micro-Irrigation systems & Pulsators
  • Water-movement in the soil and in growing media
  • And many more...