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Dr. Yoseph Shoub
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Ganey Am, Israel

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Gerbera Breeding LTD.

New Articles - April 2021

In Gerbera Breeding Ltd. we are working hard since 1965 to develop gerbera culture and select gerbera varieties for growers from different countries and climates. We cooperate with Selecta Cut Flowers S.A.U. as our Producers and Marketers in many territories: Israel, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, Spain, Japan, India, China, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, and others.

Our selection criteria is designed for achieving major economic qualities as: Having year-round production of shining sale-able flowers of different types and colors, resistance to Botrytis, long strong stems and long vase life. Our plants' form is exposed to light and aeration, carrying reasonable number of active leaves, resistant to Mildew, and above all have a well-established root system.

These basic qualities plus the professional information that we share with our growers all over the world (You ask - we answer), produces and preserves positive feedback from growers worldwide. Our new Cold resistant gerbera varieties - are much less sensitive to the low temperatures that occur in the Mediterranean and in Subtropical countries during the winter-nights, compared with European varieties, and that saves expensive heating costs.

Dr. Yoseph Shoub


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